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We develop and execute SEO strategies to achieve profitable traffic.

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    1. SEO campaign results

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    2. What is an SEO campaign?

    Comprehensive service to work on the positioning of your site to the first search results more profitable for your business. We work in the main search engines of each country, usually Google, Baidu or Yandex.

    We will set profitable objectives at the beginning and execute a strategy that will achieve the most profitable way possible to get customers on the Internet. In this way we manage to gain the loyalty of our clients, given that more than 75% renew the campaign once it is over and we see the results together.

    3. Main milestones of a SEO campaign

    Alignment and objectives:

    We will define the objectives and monitoring KPIs in addition to analyzing the needs and interests of your business to prioritize the performance of each recommendation.

    SEO Audit:

    It serves to detect problems that search engines may have in accessing, crawling and indexing the content of your website. We will analyze all the points that can affect your positioning

    Universe of keywords:

    We will look for the main searches that your potential clients carry out and analyze each search intention to optimize the architecture of your website and your content accordingly

    Analysis of your sector:

    To understand which are your main competitors and the strategies they use.

    Knowledge of products and/or services:

    We need to understand your product and/or service and how you are selling it, what works, what doesn't, how your competitors offer it, who are your types of customers for each product, their interests, motivations, objections...

    Monitoring of technical implementations

    Many of the recommendations resulting from the analysis will involve technical implementations, changes to your web code, servers... Our job is to support and ensure their proper implementation

    Web popularity:

    We will generate relationships with third parties and start strategies to improve the relevance of your website by promoting the generation of links from other sites.

    Measuring results:

    We develop dashboards that allow us to see the evolution of the project at an organic level at all times and help us make strategic and business decisions.

    Continuous improvement:

    Algorithm changes, new competition, opportunities for improvement, our own experiments with positive results... we must always be on the lookout for improvement.

    4. How can we help you grow?

    Generally, carry out an audit is the first step of every SEO campaign. We need to know your project, its weaknesses and strengths.

    Popularity on the Internet is fundamental to achieve a better positioning on search engines.

    If you have a SEO campaign underway but you've done everything and it's not getting any better, we can help you.

    Are you sure that your website is not penalized and therefore does not improve? We can help you analyze it.

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    5. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a SEO campaign?

    A set of recommendations converted into SEO actions after thoroughly auditing a website and outlining its positioning strategy. It is organized in prioritized phases based on its SEO impact.

    Why do I need an SEO campaign?

    Because the market does not stop and your resources are not unlimited, does it? We need a constant improvement of your website.

    6. SEO campaign

    We work getting real customers and results in:


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    2. What is an SEO campaign?

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    6. SEO campaign

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